Teachers use Knowledgehook's new EQAO Benchmark tool to better prepare their students for EQAO.

By using provincial data from prior EQAO exams, Knowledgehook's EQAO Benchmark tool helps teachers easily identify the types of questions and areas that need special attention. By running our specially-made EQAO GameShows, teachers can measure how their own class is performing against provincial averages and be able to take action while there is still time.

Getting Started

(1) Sign Up for a Knowledgehook teacher account and create a class (Free or Premium).

(2) Go to the GameShow or Missions and click on the 'Options' link above the search bar.

(3)  Select a grade applicable to EQAO from the dropdown menu that appears.  

(4) In the "Featured Activities" section you'll see "EQAO Benchmarking". Click on it and select one of its activities inside.

Viewing Benchmarks

In addition to seeing the benchmarks live as you play the GameShow, you can view them ahead of time by viewing the GameShow questions. Simply click the View button on the GameShow.

At the top-right corner of each question, you will see the benchmark percentage for the province. Click it to expand.

If your school has provided past EQAO performance data for your school, it will also appear here.

If you want more support on getting started or have questions about adding your school's performance data, please contact us at: [email protected]

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