To be clear, all "Activities" can be used as a live GameShow or assigned as a Mission. Your custom content is available in your "Custom Content" section both. In the top menu, click GameShows or Missions and then you'll see these tabs:

An "Activity" refers to the container of questions.

How to make Custom Activities

How to Select individual Questions from Knowledgehook Content

 1. Go to the GameShow or the Missions tab and click on any curriculum expectation. 

2. It will highlight the expectation in green and a "View" button will appear.  

3. Click 'View'.  This exposes the questions available for that expectation.  
4. In the top right corner of any question in that expectation is the "Add to" button.

5. Click "Add To" and you will be able to add that question to an existing custom activity or to create a new custom activity and have it added there.

How to add ALL the questions in a Curriculum Expectations

  1. Go to the GameShow or the Missions tab and click on any curriculum expectation and click on the curriculum expectation you want.  A sandwich menu will appear on the left

2. Click on the sandwich menu and you will see "Add to Custom"

3.  Click on "Add to Custom" and choose to create a new activity or add all the questions to an existing activity. 

Delete a GameShow
After playing a GameShow, if you'd like it removed, simply press the 'x' on the Reports page.

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