Content slides let you insert additional information into your GameShows and Missions. Here's how to create them.

Edit a Custom Activity

(1) Find your activity by going to the Missions or GameShows page from the menu at the top, then select the Custom Content tab.

(2) Find the activity you'd like to add slides to and click Edit.

Add Slides before or after a Question

Content slides are attached to the start or end of a question (and consequently they get copied along with the question if you add it to another activity).

On the question you'd like to add the slide to, press the menu button and select Add Content Slide.

This will insert a blank slide before the question and keep the slide open for editing.

Enter the Title and the content in the field below. The title will be visible to students.

Webpage Slides

If you'd like to embed an external webpage as a slide, click the toggle buttons and select Webpage.

Then enter the webpage address below. Press Preview to make sure it loads properly.

When you're done, press Save Slide.

Re-ordering Slides

The slides will normally be added to the start of the question, so they'll stack up above the question. But you can move them below.

Simply press the menu button for the slide you want to move, and select Move Up or Move Down until it appears below the question.

That's it!

Now when you play this activity as a GameShow, the content slides will show in sequence on the Teacher screen. It does not show on student devices in GameShows.

However if you assign it as a Mission, the slides do appear on student devices.

Let us know what you think of the slides!

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