You can now send Mission Reports home to the parents who are linked up. This is what they'll receive.

It provides the following information about their own child:

  • Completion - It shows how many questions they completed in the Mission.
  • First Score - It collects the total score only counting the first try at each question.
  • Best Score - As students try again, they can improve their score, so the Best Score reflects the improvement.
  • View Questions - Parents can view the questions in the Mission, so they can discuss it with their child. See a screenshot below.
  • Continue the Mission - Parents can also click the button to log into their child's account. This is great for parents who want to sit with their child as they practice and discuss it. If the Mission hasn't been completed, this is a great way to finish the Mission.

For privacy purposes, no information about the rest of the class is provided.

View Questions

When parents click on View Questions, this is what they see.

It shows all of the questions in the Mission. If there are any built-in supports (Worked Examples, Videos, or Hints) they are provided so parents can go through it with their child.

How to Send the Mission Reports

To send these to parents, go to the Mission Report (Reports > View) and look for the Send to Parents button in the top-left corner of the report.

It will let you select which students' parents to send to:

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