You can find our interactive manipulative questions as you browse our content, either when browsing the Curriculum Activities or Adding Content to your Custom Activity.

Finding Manipulatives in our Content

(1) In the main menu at the top, select GameShows or Missions to view our content. It will start in the Curriculum tab with all of the pre-existing Activities.

(2) As you browse our activities, you'll see an icon if it contains a manipulative.

(3) Filter - You can also use the filters to show only the activities that contain manipulatives. At the top-right corner, click Options to expose the filter options.

Click the +Filters link to show the filters.
Select Contains Manipulatives. Immediately the list of activities below will be updated.

Finding Manipulatives as you Add Content

You can easily see manipulative questions as you're adding content to your Custom Activity.

(1) Go to your Custom Activities by clicking Missions or GameShows and select the Custom Content tab.

(2) Click the Edit button on the activity you'd like to add it to.

(3) Click on the Add Content button at the top-right.

(4) On this page, click the Show Manipulatives link to only display manipulative questions.

(5) You'll still need to click on each strand to see the questions inside.
(6) Now you can easily add those questions to your activity!

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