Before you play a GameShow, you will first need to Create a Class. Follow the steps in that tutorial and then return here.

Enter your new class, and press the Activities link in the top menu:

You will then see all of the activities available. If you see an activity that you like, you can hover over the activity and the questions will be previewed on the right:

Or press the View button to see a more detailed view.

When ready to begin, press the Play Gameshow button.

You will see the Game Settings page below. Press the "Invite Students" button to open up the waiting room.

Students should user their mobile devices to go to and enter the unique Class Code listed on your screen. This is what they will see:

After they enter the Class Code, they will be able to select their account (if they already registered) or create a new account. As they log in or register, you will see their names on your teacher screen in the Students Joined section:

Press Play to begin.

It will play through the questions in sequence. As you advance to the next question on the Teacher side, it will push the new question to the student device immediately.

After they finish submitting answers, you will see the percentage of students that chose each answer.

Capture Student Thinking
 If the "Capture Student Thinking" feature is turned on for that question, they will have a chance to upload a photo of their written solution so you can discuss it in class. This can enrich the learning experience as you show various ways that students tried to solve the problem. Simply press on the solution icon to view the solutions:

Learn more about Capture Student Thinking.

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