So you've set up a new Premium class, congratulations! Now you need to get your students set up. For new students, you need to give them your Class Code so they can register themselves.

Alternatively, if they already have an account, they can join your class without registering again. Instructions are at the bottom.

Student Registration

On the Students page, click the Add Student button to see your Class Code.

This pop-up mentions how students should go to and enter your Class Code.

Then they can pick their own username and password and they're ready to begin!

Joining using an Existing Account

If they have an existing account from another class or previous year, all they need to do to join your class is go to the menu at the top-right after logging in, and select Add Class to add your class to their account.

Then they can just enter your Class Code.

And there you go! All your students should be able to get set up on your Premium class!

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