Want to get an equation or a mathematical expression into your questions? The Activity question editor allows you to put in complex or simple equations using AsciiMath code.

When editing the text of a question, click inside the text area to reveal the editing menu. Click the Source Code button to let you input HTML code:

Then input your AsciiMath inside of two `backtick` characters. See the examples below:

Some examples of simple commands are:

`sqrt3` = square root 3

`2/4` = two over four fraction

`x^3` = x to the third exponent

`(x+2)/3` = fraction with brackets

These are just some examples of the equations you can create. Note that sometimes it takes some time for AsciiMath to fully render in the question editor so if your equation doesn't render right away, try clicking away from the input box and wait for a few seconds and it should fully render. For a full list of commands in AsciiMath, visit: http://asciimath.org/#syntax

Enter it in the Source Code window like so:

Press OK to close it. It will not render within the input field; you will need to see the Preview lower on the page:

Tip: Make sure not to include HTML tags like <p> inside the `backticks` since they are not valid AsciiMath syntax.

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