Want to try making your own Activity? Well Knowledgehook allows you to create your own custom Activities, letting you make your own questions and using content from shared Activities or even Knowledgehook's own pre-made content!

Let's create a new Activity from scratch. First thing, go to Activities in the main menu at the top. Then click on Custom Activities to see any that you have created yourself.

Press the Create Custom Activity button at the top-right, or in the main area of the page:

It will immediately begin editing the new Activity.

You can change the name of the activity by pressing Edit Name.

To create a new quetsion from scratch, press Create Question. It will insert a blank question they you can edit.

To add questions from our content bank, press Add Content.

Click to expand a strand like Number Sense. You'll see all of its questions. To add it to your Activity, press Add to Activity.

When you're finished, click the Back to Activity link, or click Done in the bottom menu.

To access content from other courses, use the course dropdown at the top.

Writing Math Expressions and Equations
See this guide on writing math expressions like fractions and exponents:

Creating Interactive Manipulatives
See this guide on creating your own interactive manipulatives using our Creator Toolkit:

And there you have it! You've created a custom Activity! From the new screen you can edit the custom Activity's name, description, and start creating questions!

Be sure to check out the other guides in this section! They'll teach you how to create custom questions, add to custom from pre-made Activities, and share your Activities with others!

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