If you have a Premium Code, it is very simple to set up a Premium class.  Just follow these steps:

Creating a Premium Class

1. Go to khmath.com

2. Click "Register" if you do not already have a Knowledgehook account, otherwise use your existing username and password and click "Login"

3. Once you are logged-in you will see a screen to add and manage classes. (see Image 1 below)

4. Click "Add Class".

5. Click "Premium" and you will get the screen asking you to enter your Class Redemption Code.  (see Image 2 below)

6.  Then, select the course, term and create a name for the class. 

There! Your Premium Class is created.

Adding Students to a New Class
1.Click 'Add Student' to get instructions for students to join.

2. Clicking on “Add Student” displays two options for adding students- one allows the teacher to add students or students can add themselves.

3. Students go to khmath.com/join and enter their class code they can create their account or join an account that has already been created. 

What you can do next

Select the Kick-Off Mission and assign your student's their first mission.

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