"Activities" are sets of questions which can be used both for GameShows or Missions. You can play the same Activity in both ways, or make separate copies and modify them before playing them again.

Curriculum Aligned Activities

To access the activities, click on GameShows or Missions in the main menu, depending on which you'd like to run. Our curriculum-aligned activities are in the Content tab.

Custom Activities

If you make your own Custom Activities, they will be in the Custom Content tab. You can also make a copy of our Curriculum activities so you can make your own changes. Your custom copy will also be in the Custom Content tab.

The same Curriculum and Custom activities are accessible in both of the GameShows and Missions pages.

Using an Activity

If you click on the View button, you can see the questions in more detail than in the preview.

Now just choose to assign as a mission in the drop down menu.

That's it!

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