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Knowledgehook for Formative Assessment in Mathematics

This year you have a powerful formative assessment tool for mathematics at your disposal: Knowledgehook can help you quickly assign curriculum aligned questions, identify and track areas of struggle, and make informed next-step instructional decisions.

Want to learn more on how to get started? Follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS or sign up for a live webinar HERE.



Knowledgehook for Formative Assessment in Mathematics


Formative assessment is a powerful strategy for impacting student achievement.

To support your efforts in this area, we are excited to be able to offer access to Knowledgehook Premium - an effective, timesaving, and district-approved tool that makes it easy to check for understanding before or after a lesson or unit in mathematics.

To get started with Knowledgehook follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS or sign-up for a live webinar HERE

Want to see how other teachers use Knowledgehook? Go HERE.

End note:

As part of our <include district priority>, formative assessment is a key activity that all teachers should be using in their classroom. Knowledgehook is a tool, supported by the district, that can help.

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