Before we begin HERE are some helpful tips for supporting your child in math even if you don't feel you have all the answers.

If your child already has a Knowledgehook account

If your child's teacher was using Knowledgehook this year and your child has an account. Here's how you can leverage it during the summer

  1. Do Missions first! Your child can complete (or recompleted!) any Missions assigned by their teachers during the school year or that were assigned to them over the summer.

You can see that there are two Missions below and one of them, "Working with Decimals" has not even been started.

2. They can work through all the questions on the SOLVE tab.

The SOLVE tab provides the math questions for the entire curriculum for the grade assigned to your child.

3. If they have completed all of this content you can consider sending them to the Knowledgehook Open Access site created in conjunction with the Ontario Ministry of Education. Here, students are able to answer questions at any grade level. You can learn more below.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy summer!

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