During the current educational climate, we have opened all skills for each students at their grade level.  That way if there is any previous material students want to hone their skills on or if they would like to try and tackle some more difficult material they are free to do so on their own. 


What is the Solve tab on the student side?

Solve questions are a specific set of extra questions focused around an assigned area from the teacher.

Once a mission is assigned, students can now access these questions that revolve around the same theme to help them with additional practice.  The skills section is meant to be student led purposeful practice in a specific area of math that the student feels like they could use additional work in.

For Students to access the Solve section click on the solve button on the bottom of the student homepage. 

From there you will need to select the area of focus you would like to focus your extra work on.  Area of focus will be grade specific.

Once you select your area of study all the different skills questions will be opened for you to access.  

Caveat : Solve is supplemental work and are not intended to replace instruction.  They are helpful purposeful practice that a student can choose to access.

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