1. Go to khmath.com

2. Click "Sign-Up" if you do not already have a Knowledgehook account. Fill out all relevant information.

3. Add your first class.

FYI: To learn more about how to use Knowledgehook with Google Classroom go HERE

4. Get started by assigning your first activity.  Click "Let's Go".  
FYI - The Kick-Off Mission is a self-paced assessment covering key topics from the previous grade. 

5. Next create your students accounts.

6. Download instructions for your students to log in.
FYI - the class code is unique to each class and stays the same for the whole class. 

7. If you have a premium code enter it here otherwise hit "Start Exploring"

NOTE: Until June 30th, 2020 all teachers will get access to a version of Knowledgehook Premium even if they do not have a premium code

Now that you are registered try these: 

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