If you've been invited to join a Knowledgehook PLC (Professional Learning Community) then you likely have received an email with a link.   Here's what to do next:

  1. Click on the link (or paste it into your browser)
  2. You should be taken to a screen that has a title of the topic and a link to resources like below:

Assign the Formative Activity to Students

  1. Click on the link in the "Student Activity Section".  Note:  If you are not logged into your Knowledgehook account you will be prompted at this point to login.

 2. You will be taken to the activity inside or your account.  

3.  The activity can be run immediately or, if you want to access it later, it is also now added to the "My PLCs" section in your account dropdown at the top right.

4.  Click on "Assign Mission" to run the PLC with your students.  You can run it as a GameShow but generally we recommend running these activities as a Mission. 

5.  Once student have completed the activity you will find the report in your Reports section and can view the results to identify students who may be struggling.

Access the study resources 

  1.  Either click on the link to the PLC that was shared with you or go to "My PLC's" if you have previously clicked on the link and accessed the resources inside your account.

2.  Once you are on the PLC page you can click on the links in the Study Material section to access the study documents.  The Math Background document is usually the most important document to study for the PLC but the other two documents (Misconception Chart and Remediation Questions) can also be helpful in addressing student issues.

Complete the PLC

Once you have run the Formative Activity with your students, studied the Study Material, and participated in any meetings/discussions with other teachers, you can complete the PLC by following the following steps:

1 .  Go to the report for the Formative Activity that you originally ran with your students.  (It's in the Reports section)

SPECIAL NOTE!  You can access a helpful "look for" chart to help you evaluate uploaded student solutions by following THESE steps.

2.  The next step is to assign a follow-up assessment to your students.  Clicking on Measure Growth will do just that. 

3.  Click "Assign as Mission" and students will receive a clone assessment - one with similar questions to the first assessment but not the same.  

3.  You will notice that you now have a special report that will show you 1st assessment, the 2nd assessment and any change between the two.   Congratulations you've completed the PLC!

Additional Notes:

Running a PLC when you have Multiple Classes in your account 

Once you have added the PLC to your account (by clicking on any of the links in the PLC. Instructions at the top of this article) you can access the PLC in the "My PLCs" section in your account dropdown at the top right. 

If you are not in the right class: change your class by clicking on the class dropdown, selecting the right class, and then going back to "My PLC's" to access the activity.

Now you can run the activity and it will be assigned to the students in that class.

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