Your Premium teacher subscription allows for a certain number of "active classes" that can use Premium features like teacher supports and enhanced reporting.

If your subscription is for "1 Active Class" then one class can use Premium features at a time. If you used it on a class last year, you can simply transition to a new class by downgrading the old class and upgrading your new class.

Downgrading a class simply converts it to a Free Class, and you can still use all of the Free features like Missions and GameShows, and access your reports.

On the Classes page, simply click on the Premium icon on the class you'd like to downgrade:

Or in the menu, click Downgrade to Free:

Now that you'd free up room in your subscription, you can click Upgrade on any of your other classes:

Using a Code
If your school district gave you a Premium Code, you can also use that instead of a teacher subscription. Premium classes using a Code will not occupy room in your subscription. When you click Upgrade, you will have an option to Use a Code.

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