What is Math Club?
Math club is a premium access members that gives parents additional tools and resources to help augment their child's in-home learning experience. With Math Club, parents can support their child's practice and development as they build essential math skills.

What do I get with a paid membership?

  • Math Activities: Unlock over 900 (and counting) visual math activities to support your child when they are falling behind their grade level.
  • Math Huddles: We identify opportunities to strengthen your child's math knowledge by analyzing their in-class activities, and provide access to highly targeted online learning sessions (Math Huddles) developed by industry experts.
  • Math Supports for Parents: Receive access to expert teaching strategies that you or your child's tutor can use to continue your child's learning at home.
  • Access to All Content: Unlock lower grades learning content to fill in learning gaps, or use higher grade content to move ahead,
  • Exclusive Member-only Bots: Get access to exclusive bots only available to Math Club members

What is a Math Huddle?
Math Huddles are an opportunity for students to strengthen their knowledge in core mathematical concepts in a comfortable environment outside of the classroom. 

How do Math Huddles work?

  1. The system will detect these opportunities based on the students in-class activities and recommend them to parents to administer. 
  2. Parents can schedule a time that works for the child to join.
  3. Parents can create a studying space for the child and allow the student to join online with other students at the scheduled time
  4. Students will watch videos from our math experts explaining core concepts and participate in a self-paced activity to build understanding
  5. Students can post questions to the instructor and get replies within 24 hours

How much does a membership cost?
The first month is free! And every month after is only $4.99 with a 1 year subscription. There are also options for 6 month and monthly subscriptions, which are $6.95/ month and $8.95/ month respectively. 

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