(Formerly known as Math Club)

Important Notice:

At Knowledgehook, it is important to us that all the content teachers need to support their students’ learning and development in the classroom is available equitably (i.e. free) to all students.

With that in mind, what is Next Level?

What is Next Level?

We have created Next Level (formerly known as Math Club) for parents or caregivers who are looking for additional material and a more engaging experience for their child at home!

Please note: Joining Next Level does not affect any of the activities or materials assigned by the teacher from the classroom.

Next Level is a Premium subscription (optional) that includes:

Additional Content:

  • Math Huddles: Short, interactive video lessons on key ideas, developed by industry experts.
  • Math Supports for Parents: Want to work with your child on a key topic in mathematics? Receive access to expert teaching strategies and questions that you or your child's tutor can use to ensure your child has a strong conceptual understanding of the topic.
  • Access to other grades: Unlock content from lower or higher grades to fill gaps or move ahead. Next Level members have access to higher and lower grade content. If you wish to move your child up to the next grade level, reach out to [email protected] and we can unlock this for you.

Additional Engagement Mechanics

  • Bonus Bots and Chests: Get access to additional bots!
  • More Customization Options: Get access to Next Level-exclusive virtual display shelves in the student app, for students to show their hard-earned bots in style!

How much does a membership cost?

Next Level costs $8.95/month or $59.88 for a one-year plan.

Our Rebrand: Changing Math Club to Next Level

Why has the name changed?

We’ve changed the look and name of our Math Club memberships to better reflect what they do: take learning, and fun, to the Next Level!

Have the membership features changed?

Over time, we continue to add great new features for members, and this continues to be the case with the new Next Level membership name. We have not removed any membership features as a result of the new name

If I currently have a Math Club membership, how does this impact me?

This doesn’t impact you or your membership in any way! Only the name has been changed. Everything will function exactly the same.

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