The Snapshots feature lets teachers easily gather and display student work during a lesson to help facilitate meaningful mathematical discussions.

We've added a new feature to provide an image on screen that teachers can use as the focus of this session.

Create a Shareable Link

You can create a shareable link that lets other teachers use your image in their Snapshots session. It contains the web address of your image so they use it in one click.

The format of the link is:

Replace IMGPATH with your image's link (eg.

The User Experience
When teachers click your link, they will see an intro page before starting a session, describing how Snapshots works and showing your featured image. They press Start a Session to begin:

They do not need to have a teacher account. They can play as a Guest, then sign up after to save their results. Or they can log in before starting the session.

Read more about the Snapshots feature to see the entire experience.

Let us know how it goes!

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