The School Dashboard is designed to help you support the activities that lead to mathematics improvement over time.  

On the "Stats" page you can tell 

  1. How many teachers have set up premium classes in your school
  2. How many teachers have started the Impact Challenge
  3. How many teachers have completed the Impact Challenge

Read about the Impact Challenge HERE and how it provides a manageable way to support and the types of activities that lead to student improvement.

The "Insights" tab provides live data from the Impact Challenge

This will let you see metrics on  the students who have completed the Kick-off Mission in their class vs. the rest of the students in Ontario who have completed the Kick- off Mission.

What does the data tell me ?

Additional Features:

  • The "Action" tab provides you with the ability to create PLC's on specific topic areas that you can share with participating teachers.  You can read more on how to use the PLC tool here.
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