The School Dashboard is designed to help you support the activities that lead to mathematics improvement over time.  

The 'Stats' tab

The 'Stats' tab can tell you:

  1. How many teachers have set up premium classes in your school
  2. How many teachers have started and completed the Impact Challenge
  3. How well you are tracking towards your Continuous Improvement Certification goal.

Valuable questions to ask when looking at "Adoption Numbers"

  • Are all my teachers setup with classes and premium accounts? You can see who is by clicking on 'see list" on the 'Total Premium Teachers' button
  • For teachers who aren't using Knowledgehook: "What are you using to help you gather whole class formative data and guide you instruction while teaching?"
  • For teachers who are using Knowledgehook: "How are you using the data from Knowledgehook to inform your instruction?"

Read about the Impact Challenge HERE and how it provides a manageable way to support teacher inquiry and knowledge building on areas of student need.

Learn more about the Continuous Improvement Certification HERE and see how Knowledgehook can simplify supporting and monitoring school improvement planning.

The 'Insights" tab

The insights tab will let you see data from students who have completed the Kickoff Mission (a short initial diagnostic) and Warmups which are topic level diagnostics that the teacher has assigned to them.

What does the data tell me ?

Additional Features:

  • The "Action" tab provides you with the ability to create PLC's on specific topic areas that you can share with participating teachers.  You can read more on how to use the PLC tool here.
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