This article will help troubleshoot some issues that may occur. Often, when an error occurs when pressing a button or submitting information, an error message may be captured by the browser but not displayed to the user. This guide can help to retrieve that error message so we can address the issue.

If you are on a Windows computer, you can press the F12 key to expose this control panel at the bottom of your screen:

If you don't have an F12 key, you can right-click anywhere on the webpage and select Inspect or Inspect Element to expose this control panel:

Click on the Network tab at the top of this panel to show the data you are sending and receiving.

Then type "core" into the input field to filter only the results that we are looking for:

Once the filter is in place, look in the left column to find a request in red. This signifies that there was an error. You may find several instances, so it's safest to send us the results from all of the ones you find in red.

Click on that request, then on the right panel click on Response to show the data being passed back. Then copy-and-paste the information below it as it will contain the specific error message.

You can e-mail this to your contact person, or to [email protected]

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