The Impact Challenge is designed to support targeted gap-closing while also providing an achievable way for teachers to deepen their own pedagogical content knowledge in areas that will have an immediate impact on their students.

The Impact Challenge is modelled after the Teacher Inquiry and Knowledge Building process - an effective continuous improvement process that can be implemented by teachers in their own classroom.

Completing the challenge is simple: 

  • Choose one of the gap areas identified in Knowledgehook and access the Teacher Support documents to select a focus area 
  • Use our Teacher Support resources, or any resource of your own choosing, to build on your own pedagogical understandings and methods of meeting the needs of your students in that area.
  • Finally, to complete the challenge: Work with your students to apply what you have learned and, when you are ready, measure the impact by clicking on "Complete the Challenge" and running a post-assessment on the selected topic area. 

Growing as a teacher while managing all the needs of your classroom is never easy. The Impact Challenge was designed to help you do both in a manageable, productive and impactful way.  

Start now and join the challenge!

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