Math Huddles are 5-minute online sessions using videos, slides, and interactive activities to help fill gaps in your child's knowledge. Learn about Math Huddles:

When we identify an opportunity to improve your child's understanding of a topic, we list it on the Learning Journey page as a Quick Win.

Click on View Quick Wins and then press the Schedule button for that topic.

Select a session that is convenient for you and your child. It is beneficial for parents to view the session along with the child to provide support.

Make sure to add the session to your calendar using our calendar links.

The calendar entry contains a link that you can use at that time to enter the session. It is especially handy if your child forgets their login details. 

Otherwise, they can log in normally and the Math Huddle will appear on their home page.

Let us know how the sessions go!

This is a premium featurefor Math Club subscribers.

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