What are Support Resources?
Support resources are a Math Club feature that give you background knowledge of math concepts as well as concrete actions that can be taken to help your child improve in that area. We provide two main resources for each topic: Math Background Charts, Misconception Charts, and Remediation Questions, detailed below.

How do I access them?
When we identify an opportunity to close a knowledge gap your child's understanding of a topic, we list it on the Learning Journey page as a Growth Opportunity.

When you click into the growth area(s), you will see each learning goal listed with the associated support resources. As well you will see access to the work your child has done to date on that learning goal.

Who are they intended for?
We suggest that you or a tutor read through the resources and use the activities with your child.

(1) Math Background
This provides a big-picture view of the topic, providing a background understanding of the related concepts.

(2) Remediation Chart
This provides a chart that outlines common misconceptions, and actions you can take to remediate them. There are also some exercises that you can have your child complete, with an answer key.

Let us know how you are using the resources!

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