My Students have finished the Half and Full Mathalon! When do I get my medals?

Make sure your class is updated to premium. Contact your Board Math Team or your colleagues to find the code. Click here to learn how to upgrade your class to premium.

Medals are shipped out 4 times a year . To see if your medals have been shipped or are still pending follow the steps below .

  1. Click on the drop down menu in the top right corner of the page and select Mathalon Winners

2. This will take you to a page that shows you which students have completed as well as when and if the items have been shipped!

  • Make sure your School address is correct ! If you have changed schools please click on Switch Schools . For more information on how to switch schools click here.
  • If your address is incorrect contact us , this prevents your mathalon awards from going to the wrong school .

My Mathalon items have been shipped but, I can't find the package!

Keep in mind Mathalon packages are addressed to the principal of the school and contain all classes in the schools awards.

If you can't find your package talk to the principal and the office.

I talked to my administrator and they don't have the package.

Contact [email protected]  they can help you find out which teachers in your school to follow up with to see if they have received the package.

The package is missing and no one knows where it is .

If you have completed all the above steps and the package is still missing please feel free to contact [email protected]  and we will contact you to start the process of recovering the  package.

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