Currently Knowledgehook does not support assigning multiple missions at once. However, you can create larger missions in order to spend less time assigning. Below is information on how to create larger missions.

From the Activities tab go to the content you would like to use.

Click the "Select" button on one of the topics that you would like to make into a bigger activity.

This will give you the option to Start a Game show or Mission or Combine Activities

Clicking Combine Activities will take you to a pop up where you can create a new activity or add to an existing activity.

Clicking new activity will take you to a pop up where you can name your new activity.  Once you've named it, press Add.

Follow the same steps as above with the next topic you want to add but instead of creating a "new activity" add the topic to the exiting activity that you just created.  

Your new activity is now created and ready to be viewed or assigned to your students.

PS - all of the activities that you make this way will be saved in the "custom" tab of the curriculum for future use. 

If this was not helpful , please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to see if we can help you find a solution.

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