How do I get access to my child’s work?

The teacher will need to send you an invitation to create an account linked to your child's account.  Once you create your account, you can access the account by either:

  1. Downloading the Knowledgehook Parent App from the Google Play or Apple App Store, or 
  2.  Logging in via any web browser by going to and inputting your email (login) and password.

What am I seeing about my children’s progress and work?

You can see your child's profile including skills that they have attained as well as recent activity.  When your child's teacher shares specific activities (GameShows or Missions) with parents those will also appear in the Activity section of the app.

How do I add more than one child to my account?

Your child's teacher will need to send you a print invitation (pdf) with an invite code. Login to your Knowledgehook parent account, click on "Add Child", and put in the code.  

NOTE: If you have an existing parent account and your child's teacher invites you via an email link to add another child (or for the same child but a new grade) you need to first login to your parent account before clicking on the "Sign up!" link.  Otherwise you will need to request a PDF version of the invite in order to get an invite code and follow the directions above.  

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