Using a Scholastic + Rewards Program model, certain activities (see below) will earn you credits towards the Knowledgehook store.  The more credits you accumulate the greater the discount!

We will be continually adding new ways to earn credits so stay tuned.

Active Teacher Discount

When teachers maintain an active status on Knowledgehook (meaning they run at least four (4) activities a month) they are eligible for a $2 discount for every $20 spent.

What Are Credits?

Credits are a way that you as teachers can receive discounts on the Knowledgehook store. These credits can be used right away or can be saved to use at a later date.

How Much are Credits Worth?

100 credits = $1

Do Credits Expire?

No, credits do not expire.

How Do I Earn Credits?

Right now, there are 3 ways to earn credits but we will be constantly updating and adding new ways to earn credits so stay tuned.

  1. Refer another Teacher – if you invite another teacher to join and they sign u and verify their email, you both get 250 credits.
  2. Invite parents to your class – when a parent creates their account and verifies their email you get 75 credits
  3. Parents Subscribing - if an invited parent subscribes to the STEM Club Premium, you get 500 credits 
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