To offer more to teachers, starting in 2018-19, Knowledgehook Missions and GameShows are now accessible within the FREE account. 

So what happens to the Mathalon you ask?  

Coming Mid-September 2018:  The Mathalon will allow teachers to select the award that students receive.    In addition, all teachers will have access to certificates they can print for any Half or Full Mathalon Winner. 

Also Coming Mid-September 2018:  You will be able to purchase official Mathalon Medals and Pennants from the new Knowledgehook Store.

To set the Mathalon reward

 (Coming Sept 2018)

  • Go to your class and click on button in the far right corner
  • Select "Mathalon Winners"
  • On this page you will be able to set the reward (coming Sept 2018)

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