When creating a PLC, there is normally an activity accompanying each topic which all participants should run in class as a GameShow or Mission. If you created an empty PLC or want to change the activity that your colleagues will use, please follow these instructions:

(1) Go to the "View PLC" page
(2) Press "Advanced Settings
so you can make changes.
(3) Press the pencil icon where the activity is located.
(4) Copy the web address of an activity when viewed as a Teacher.*

*You may need to have a separate Teacher account apart from your Principal or Board-level account. In a different browser, log in as a Teacher so you can access the link you need.

When logged in as a Teacher, press View on any Activity to go to its viewing page. Copy and paste that link in the address bar into the field for your PLC.

In the near future we will add an easier way to preview questions and update the activity for your PLC.

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