I don't see a Webcam Option

If no working webcam is detected, you won't see an option. It will just let you choose a file (if on a computer), or go to a mobile device's built-in camera. If you actually do have a webcam, you may need to check that it's plugged in and working.

I'm using Internet Explorer! Help!

Some browsers, notably Internet Explorer, do not support webcam access from web browsers. We suggest downloading a modern browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

I accidentally clicked "Don't Allow Camera Access"

To enable camera access after denying it, you'll need to exit from this particular page by clicking Cancel in the top bar. Then look for the camera icon in your browser's search bar:

Click the camera icon, and it should give a pop-up allowing you to reverse your decision. Then re-select the webcam option from our pop-up, which should ask for access again. This time, grant access!

Let us know if you have any more trouble!

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