Are you having a hard time getting your hands on a full set of devices?  Sure it is not ideal but you can still do a lot with a little.  Here's what we've seen other teachers do that has worked out very well:

TIP:  Depending on the age of your students if they have their own phones or devices that can join to the school internet then they can use those devices to participate in Knowledgehook.   In high school often much of the class is able to join on their own devices.

GameShow with one student device

You can play a GameShow with only a teacher computer connected to a projector and one student device.    Here's how:

Start a GameShow and appoint a single student with the student device to be the Question Answerer.   Once you project up the first question, you can ask the students to work together in pairs, groups, or individually to solve the problem.  Before letting the 'Question Answerer' answer the question on the device (which will reveal the results)  you can have a discussion on key ideas. This will help you move learning forward and give you more insights on where students are at in their thinking.   Simple questions like "Who wants to suggest an answer?" Who agrees?  Why do you agree? Can you prove it to us using strategies (ie: in place value questions you might ask them to prove their solution using using number lines, base ten blocks, place value charts, etc)?"

Once you feel you've built up the anticipation, got students invested in the discussion, then you can have the 'Question Answerer' select the choice that most students thought (or whatever one they feel compelled to answer based on the discussion). Sometimes there is a great insight to be had after the question too so don't miss your chance.  Questions like "What made you think about this problem?" "What language do we need to know to discuss what is happening in this problem?"  "Can someone tell me why the incorrect answers are NOT the solution? (and prove it to us using strategies we know!").   

TIP: You can ask students to show their work on their desk, on a whiteboard, etc or work in pairs to further up the interactions and thinking.   Using the engagement to drive discussion and clarify thinking is the key to GameShow.  There's lots of versions and playing with those ideas that you can do so give them a try!

Missions on only a few devices

If you can cobble together a few devices you can do a station setup in your class (that students can rotate through) where a few students work through a mission that you have assigned.  Students can login to their own accounts on the device but work together on the same mission.  This can be great for differentiation or for you to work with certain groups while having meaningful activities for others.  

You can have them discuss questions together in the group and have them ask you if they get stuck.  Occasionally go over to the group and pull up a good question that they have completed (use the Report for that mission or LiveMode for that).  Ask a student in the group to explain to you the thinking behind the answer they select.  This can push the group  to engage in reasoning and discussion together as they work through questions.  You can even tell the group that it is the group's responsibility that everyone is able to explain the thinking for a question when you come over to ask. That way you are encouraging them to work together to understand the problem and the thinking behind their solution. Again, discussion helps consolidate ideas, clarify thinking, improve your students reasoning while giving you more 'data' than what the report alone says. 

GameShows with Paper Mode
You can now play GameShows offline by scanning QR codes for each student's answer submission. Collective valuable formative assessment insights with only one device!

Classroom Internet is not required
You can pre-download the questions onto your mobile device while online, then disconnect when actually scanning QR codes with students. After you reconnect, your results will be uploaded.
 For more information visit our page on Paper Mode

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