In Missions, all the questions are grouped in 3's on the student side. 

When a student answers a question correctly on a first try, they get a star. If they get it wrong, they can simply attempt the question again to get the star.

But to get all 3 stars, they have to answer the 3 questions correctly in a row. This is to increase the level of difficulty and encourage mastery. When a student mentions difficulty getting the last star, this is the case, and they should simply try the 3-star activity again. They will see a blue star indicating the last star that they are missing.

Note to teachers:  Though stars are a proxy for correct answers they are not a direct correlation and therefore are not used for your reporting.  On the teacher side only correct or incorrect answers are reported.  

Experience Points (XP)

Points are awarded for a number of activities including attempting a question, uploading a solution, and getting a question correct.

Points build up over time and move students through the various "League Levels" of Knowledgehook. This helps students see their growth and encourage them to keep persevering.


Badges are awarded to students as they progress through a strand of Knowledgehook created questions (custom questions do not unlock badges).  As teachers assign Missions more of the strand is completed and badges begin to get unlocked.   Students can view a summary of their badges in their Profile.

When a teacher assigns a Mission from any Knowledgehook-created questions, the entire strand related to those questions is made available to the student. Students are able to do more questions for that strand and see their progress towards earning the badge for that strand.  

In the image below (seen from the Student side) the Mission includes 6 questions assigned by the teacher from the strand "Scatter Plots and Trends". If the student clicks on "Scatter Plots and Trends" they will see all the questions related to that strand and be able to complete them unlocking larger and better badges. 

Knowledgehook Mathalon

The Mathalon is available in Premium Knowledgehook and, like a Marathon, is all about completion. As students earn stars they move towards completing the Mathalon.  

Learn more about the Mathalon

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