There are a number of things you can do to get more students completing Missions.

Here's a few:

  • Don't make Knowledgehook "extra" work. You may choose to give Knowledgehook as one of two options but students, like most people, don't usually like doing extra work. 
  • Make it count for marks. We don't recommend giving marks based on getting correct answers (this is formative and it is all about the journey of learning!) but certainly marks for perseverance or demonstration of 'learning skills' is legit.   Some teachers use the the Mathalon as the goal, others use completing all assigned Missions as the goal. 
  • Give time in class to do the work. There is a lot that can be observed if you are  in class when students are doing the work and more students will complete the tasks as well.  
  • No more than 10 minutes of homework! Think about keeping any homework to a size that can be completed in about 10 minutes.
  • Put easier questions at the beginning.  Nothing hurts more than hitting a brick wall right out of the gate. 
  • Care about and discuss results. Together with students, look at the (anonymous) reports and discuss where the class is at and what next steps might be good to take. Formative assessment is valuable for everyone!  
  • Invite parents and share results with them or ask them to observe certain missions and report back what they saw their child struggle with.

Good luck and if you have any other great tips please do share. [email protected]

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