Remediation GameShows are activities composed of questions and content designed to address gaps in understanding. They are available to schools with a School-wide license.

Teachers read the provided Math Background document and then run this live Remediation GameShow with a small group or the entire class.

Our content experts design each question and slide, providing well-researched strategies to address gaps in understanding.

Accessing Remediation GameShows

When teachers use Knowledgehook, the Knowledgehook engine uncovers gaps in understanding based on student responses. We send an e-mail listing the students who might be struggling, along with remediation materials to help close the gaps. For topics that have an accompanying Remediation GameShow, a link is included.

Measuring Improvement

Each Remediation GameShow starts and ends with a question designed to measure student performance in this topic. By comparing students’ relative performance on the first and last questions, teachers are able to gauge how well the remediation helped in closing the gap.

After completing the Remediation GameShow, we’ll send an e-mail to the teacher with the results:

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