To create a Mission, you can use one of the pre-existing Activities or create your own Custom Activity and assign it as a Mission.

Watch this video, or follow the tutorial below.

Activities are the groupings of questions that you can then assign as a Mission or play as a GameShow.

Curriculum Activities

To access curriculum-aligned content, go to the Missions page from the main menu. It will show our activities in the Curriculum tab.

You can use these out of the box, or Make a Copy that you can edit and customize.

Custom Activities

To make your Activity from scratch, read Creating a Custom Activity from Scratch.

Assigning a Mission

Once you've found the Activity you want to use for the Mission, you can assign it with only a few clicks.

Simply press the Assign button. You'll see this pop-up:

Give the Mission a Name, use the date picker to set the Due Date, and you're done!

It will appear in the Reports page.

Advanced Settings

If you'd like to assign Missions to individual students, or create Missions ahead of time to be released in the future, you'll need to go to the Advanced Settings. In the pop-up above, click Advanced Settings. This will take you to an expanded page for editing your Mission.

You would also reach this expanded page if you click the big Mission button while viewing an activity.

In the expanded page, you need to click the Advanced Settings link to see these options.

To keep the Mission hidden until a future date, set a Start Date in the future. Students won't see it until that morning.

To assign to individuals, click Assigned to Individuals. It will expand a list of existing students.

Then click the Launch button (or Save and Exit if it was already launched).

That's it!

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