All students enter from the same page at using your Class Code. This applies to all situations including:

  1. Joining a GameShow 
  2. Logging in to do a Mission
  3. Creating a new student account for your class
  4. Logging into their existing student account

Where do I find my Class Code?

As the teacher, go into any class that you have created and, along the top, you will see the "Class Code" listed to the right (in this case its jam948).   This code is unique to your class and will not change.  

How does student login work?

Students go to and enter their class code:

After entering the Class Code, students will see a list of existing accounts, and a Create Account button.

If student accounts have already been created, then students just have to select their name and then enter their password.  If not, they can click on "+ create account" and create a new account.

What if they forget the Class Code?

You should remind students of the Class Code and have them write it down in their notebooks so they can more easily login from home. If they have the Class Code, they no longer need to remember their usernames since they can select from the list.

If they forget the Class Code, they can click Login with Username to enter using their username and password.

What if they forget the web address?

If students forget the web address,, all other entry points lead them back.

At the top of, students can directly enter the Class Code to join:

The general login page also has a Students enter button that brings them to the new page:

Let us know how it works out!

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