One of the unique features that Knowledgehook's Gameshow offers is the ability for students to upload pictures of their solutions. This feature is turned on by default so when you start a Gameshow, you will see in the settings that it is set to "ON" to start.

Once the Gameshow has begun and the question has appeared, your students will have the opportunity to answer, like usual.

Once the student has answered they will be told if they got it right or wrong and will receive their XP.

After they've clicked "Yeah!" on this above screen, there will be a prompt to show their work.

At this point their phone or device will open their camera applications and allow them to shoot a picture of the solution they've been working on! Note that depending on the quality of the wifi, it make take a little time to upload the picture.

They'll see a screen that says "Solution Uploaded" and on your screen will show a little icon indicating that a solution has been uploaded.

You can then click on that icon to see the solutions that have been uploaded on the fly and even better find the uploaded solutions in the Gameshow reports after the game has been finished!

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