Okay, so you've registered your account and now you're ready to play your first Gameshow! This article will take you from just after registration into playing your first Gameshow.

Once you've registered and logged in for the first time, you'll be taken to the class management screen. From this screen you'll be able to create your first class. To begin, press the big "Add Class" button in the middle of the screen.

A popup will appear asking if you're creating a Free or Premium class (NOTE: You require a license code to create a Homework class). After you will be asked for the name, grade, and term of your class. Once you've given that information, your class will be created!

Now that you've created your FREE class, you'll be brought to the Activities homepage. At this page, you can see all of the premade-Activities for the grade you've select and see through the other courses' Activities. You will see a preview of the questions in an activity on the right when you hover over it but to view the detailed contents of a Activity, click the "Select" button.

Once you've chosen the Activity that you want to play, click on the "Gamehosw" button from the View Activity Screen.

This will bring you to the Gameshow settings page. From here you can require students to create accounts so that you can track their progress throughout the year, turn on or off the leaderboard for a new way to play Gameshows, enable them to show their work, and add or remove a time bonus to the Gameshow.

Once you've set up the Gameshow as you wish, click "Open Waiting Room".

As you enter the Waiting you will see a screen that shows the site your students need to go to in order to enter the Gameshow and the class code they will be asked to enter.

You'll start to see students appear on the bottom of the screen as they join. Once all students have entered, click the "Start Game" button to begin!

As you play through questions, you'll be able to see as students answer and the leaderboard after every question! You end a game by clicking "Finish Game" or just by getting to the end of the Gameshow!

For more on Gameshows be sure to check out the rest of this Section!

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