In the coming months (late 2017 -  early 2018) we will be releasing new features that will make running split grades easier, but for now you can use the advice below to manage your split class.

Creating a class

You will have to pick a default grade when you create a class.  This does NOT prevent you from picking content from other grades when you create a Mission or GameShow.  
Picking a grade will cause that grade to be the default content that you seen when you login as a teacher.   It also affect students with access to Missions IF you do not create any Missions since the selected grade will be the default content that the student will see when they login.  (Note: It is recommended that you use Missions as a way to direct activity of the student to material that links to what you are covering in class.  A great deal of value from using Knowledgehook comes when both you and your students reflect on what was accomplished, how that ties into your learning goals, and where to go next with their learning)

Who's who?

When you are assigning a Mission to select students (ie all Grade 4 students) it is often easier if you have a reminder of who is in what grade.  An easy hack for this is to add the student grade number after their name.  You can ask students to do this when they are creating their account.  See the example below:

Jon Doe is in Grade 4

However, if your class is like most classes, not all students will listen to your explicit instructions so you will have to do some fixing up yourself.   To edit student names click on the students name on the Student Dashboard and then click "edit" which will let you change their name and allows you to add their grade number at the end.

All fixed!  Teguan Tyrell is in grade 3

Assigning missions to specific students

You will very likely want to assign content to specific students to work on together in groups or on their own.  Missions is the best tool for this.  But how do you make sure the mission only goes to the students in a specific grade?  Here's how:

When you click "Assign" for a Mission.  Click on "Advanced Settings" (below)

That will bring up a new screen where you can go to  "Assigned to" and click on "Individuals".   A list of your students will come along with their grade number (if you followed the clever hack above) and now you can select the students you want this mission to go to and assign it. 

Thats it!  Good luck and stay tuned for new features that will be coming out to make using split classes easier.

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