If you have a Premium Code, it is very simple to set up a Premium class.  Just follow these steps:

Creating a Premium Class

1. Go to khmath.com

2. Click "Register" if you do not already have a Knowledgehook account, otherwise use your existing username and password and click "Login"

3. Once you are logged-in you will see a screen to add and manage classes. (see Image 1 below)

4. Click "Add Class".

5. Click "Premium" and you will get the screen asking you to enter your Class Redemption Code.  (see Image 2 below)

6. Enter your school’s "Class Redemption Code" (which is your Premium Code)

7. Then, select the course and create a name for the class. The class is now created!

Adding Students to a New Class
1.Click 'Add Student' to get instructions for students to join.

2. Clicking on “Add Student” displays the website and class code students need to register and login

3. Students go to khmath.com/join and enter their class code they can create their account or join an account that has already been created. 

What you can do next

Select a "Warm-up" (previous grade material) or an "Exit Ticket" (grade level material) to run with students

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